Body Massages

Treatment Duration Price
Swedish full body massage 60/90Min R575/R775
Full body With Aroma or Hot Stone 60/90Min R620/R820
Back/Neck and shoulder 30/60Min R395/R575
Indian Head massage 30 Min R395

Facial Treatment

Treatment Duration Price
Classic Facial Treatment 30/60 Min R375/R575

Just Grooming Treatment

Treatment Duration Price
Hand treatment-exfoliation and massage 30Min R375
Back/Neck & shoulder –exfoliation and massage 60Min R625
Foot treatment – Exfoliation and massage 30 Min R375

Feet & Hand

Treatment Duration Price
Classic Pedicure – with nail polish 45Min R380
Classic Manicure – with nail polish 45Min R380

SPA Packages

Couples Treatments
Treatment Duration Price
Fly Away Package 120Min R2590 per couple
– Full body Exfoliation 30Min
– Full body Massage 60Min
– Classical Facial 30Min
Air Package 100Min R2340 per couple
– Back/Neck & Shoulder 40Min
– Foot Massage & Scrub 30Min
– Indian Head Massage 30Min
Mom-to-Be 105Min R1625 per person
-Classic Facial 30Min
-Full Body Pregg. Aroma 45Min
-Classic Pedicure 30Min
Fire Package 90Min R2125 per couple
-Full body massage with Hot Stone 60Min
-Indian Head Massage 30Min
Paradise Special 120Min R2550 per couple
-Full body Exfoliation 30Min
-Full body with Aroma or Hot Stone 60Min
-Indian Head and Scalp 30Min
Water Package 90Min R2050 per couple
-Full Body massage with Aroma 60Min
-Foot Scrub and Ankle 30Min
Earth Package 90Min R2040 per couple
-Full Body Massage with Aroma or Hot Stone 60Min
-Indian Head 30Min
Paradise 1